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Ocean Prime Chicago

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: Knauer
  • Project Completion: 2019

Our design for this hotel restaurant in downtown Chicago is all about glitz and glamor. To foster warmth and drama in this hospitality space, we cast the tables in tight pools of light while leaving the surrounding circulation areas dimmer. Throughout the space, custom chandeliers emit an ambient, golden glow. Many of our design choices intentionally emulate the aesthetics of a proscenium theater, such as the brilliant flares of light and dramatic uplighting leading into the semi-private dining area. We lit the liquor and wine displays to highlight the products themselves, with top-to-bottom grazing and in-shelf lighting to glow the bottles and trinkets from within. The same idea is extended on a larger scale to the restaurant as a whole, as sheer curtain grazing causes the entire space to glow enticingly to those passing by outside.


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