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Pacific Standard Time

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: Space Architect & Planners
  • Interiors: Parts & Labor NYC
  • Project Completion: 2018
  • Photographer: Andrea Behrends / Brian Willette

Inspired by Californian beach culture, this restaurant utilized a wide variety of materials in its interior. This range of aesthetics gave the eatery a large contrast between its light and airy daytime look and its dim, intimate night time atmosphere. Our team tackled this challenge with an array of lighting strategies. During the day, our main focus was balancing the brilliant sunlight with accessible indoor lighting. Then, for the after-dark look, we integrated lighting into the wood ceiling, as well as within the shelves of glassware and liquor, adding substantial sparkle. In the open kitchen area, downlight glows on the tiles beneath the countertop. We installed wicker pendants throughout the space to fit with the beachy aesthetic, as well as downlight spots on each table to give appealing pops of light.


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