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Loyola University Cudahy Hall

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: SmithGroup
  • Project Size: 35,000 SF
  • Project Completion: 2020
  • Photographer: Christopher Barrett

One of Loyola University’s most prominent buildings, this hall’s interior received a radical transformation. The new space is one designed for engagement, inviting interpersonal interaction and an appreciation for the science of physics. This focus on physics provided us with ample design inspiration. Crisp, concise lines, punched openings, and the use of angles are all rooted in characteristics of light: how it bends, refracts, and reflects. Our design introduces large openings in the masonry walls, creating more transparent, interactive spaces and offering views into classrooms, labs, and study areas. Some collaborative spaces were renovated to project out into the corridor as glass cubes, which we activated using dichromatic glass that changes colors when viewed at different angles. Additionally, the stair connecting the east and west entrances creates a visual centerpiece of contemporary black steel contrasted against bright yellow walls, making a hopeful statement on the potential for aging academic buildings everywhere.


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