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Columbia College Student Center

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: Gensler
  • Project Size: 114,000 SF
  • Project Completion: 2019
  • Photographer: Tom Harris
  • Awards:
    IESNA Award of Merit 2020

As this was Columbia College’s very first student center, we approached this project as a way to engage the community. Aiming to create an environment where students could gather and collaborate, we lit this all-glass building to glow like a beacon. Essentially functioning as an inside-out atrium, this large structure is made of fritted glass, which we illuminated using strategic uplighting. This light then bounces off the structure’s ceiling, giving it a warm, undeniable radiance. Inside the top-floor event space, we installed ambient direct lighting, as well as adjustable track fixtures to serve as a flexible solution during commencements, speaking engagements, fashion shows, and more. We employed these same adjustable track fixtures in the art gallery outside the auditorium, in addition to a permanent wall wash to highlight the featured art. The project’s most unique and exciting element is the dynamic zigzag fixture placed inside the building’s triple-height atrium space.


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