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Ella Elli

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: SPACE Architects and Planners
  • Project Size: 5,600 SF
  • Project Completion: 2017
  • Photographer: Mike Schwartz

This upscale Chicago restaurant lets diners step back in time by entering an elegant, 1920’s Amsterdam speakeasy. We helped achieve this intimate atmosphere through a variety of lighting strategies. Large, decorative globe fixtures are the main attraction at the bar, while the rest of the space offers intimate nooks in which friends and lovers can gather. Beautiful wall tints and soft pools of light illuminate the lounge space, which also features shelves lit from within to showcase the alluring array of objects inside. On each end of the space, cozy booths set into the walls offer guests a romantic escape, with large gold pendant fixtures hanging low over the tables and glowing halo lighting following the curved ceilings.


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