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225 W. Washington

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: Wright Heerema Architects
  • Project Completion: 2024
  • Photographer: Christopher Barrett

An awe-inspiring sight awaits patrons of this renovated bar, where beaded gold curtains hang in sweeping arcs from the ceiling. We lit this striking element using decorative globes that bounce light through the golden beads, as well as track lights to add additional downlighting. Beneath the gold curtains, the liquor bottles on the bar shelves glitter, and each of the asymmetrical posts above the bar features a glowing bead of light on its end. The surrounding lounge space offers a variety of seating areas, including tables with romantic, low-level lighting and a corner adorned with uplit trees and prairie grass. As guests ascend the large staircase, their way is guided by illumination beneath each step. Upstairs, they discover a dim lounge, with a ceiling containing decorative globes that create a dazzling starfield effect.


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