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200 S. Wacker Lobby

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Architect: Wright Heerema Architects
  • Project Completion: 2021
  • Photographer: James Steinkamp

We transformed this lobby with the installation of an eye-catching and dynamic LED wall. The expanse of custom fixtures acts as a focal point for the space, providing multiple layers of light. Each individually-made panel offers a tunable white outside and color-changing interior, which can be programmed and animated to reflect the time of day, holidays, or other special occasions. This energetic and colorful display is grounded by the more reserved custom fixtures extending over the reception desk. Additional luminance is provided from uplighting in the exterior metal wall and window wall trusses, bouncing soft light into the space and maintaining a clean look. Appealing decorative fixtures, hung from the double-height ceiling, complete the room.


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