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CNH Industrial

  • Location: Oak Brook, IL
  • Architect: Wright Heerema Architects
  • Project Size: 150,000 SF
  • Project Completion: 2024
  • Photographer: Christopher Barrett

Our goal for this corporate interior was to give employees a place to take a break from their desks and socialize. We developed a lighting design that appears soft yet still bold, juxtaposing the building’s industrial decor. With oversized acoustical metal fixtures dominating the common area and large colored pendants throughout the space, the effect of our design is modern and approachable. These pendants are replicated in a different color on each floor, differentiating the offices and adding personality, while small cylinder lights between acoustical ceiling baffles fill in ambient light. We incorporated a variety of shapes and styles into the interior, including frosted, cloud-like pendants in breakaway work areas, as well as long stretches of linear lighting installed seamlessly into the wooden ceiling of the CEO suite. The overall effect is one of playful asymmetry and relaxed professionalism, offering employees an enjoyable and stress-free work environment.


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